About McKoy Creative, A Creative Consulting Engine

Jason Lane McKoy is a New York City native illustrator and graphic artist that produces work under the name The Real McKoy. McKoy Creative is a creative consulting engine that creates cool content and design projects using STEAM (Stimulating Thought via Entertainment, Arts, & Media). Basically, I make cool $#≠% for my clients and for companies that want to take things to a whole new level of mind-blowing creative nuttiness.

It all started in grade school where a young, precocious (read: NERD) Jason McKoy, taught himself how to draw as a survival tactic. Not wanting to get picked on or worse, beaten up, he would draw comic book characters and popular cartoon characters for all the popular kids and bullies. The more he drew, the cooler he became. Little did he know then that he could turn his “hobby” into a lucrative career.

After graduating from the University of Delaware with a Film Theory degree, an independent film♠, and 3 years of student television production experience under his belt, Jason traveled to Japan, the land where his beloved video games and anime were created to become a missionary for the English language in Japanese high schools located in Kyoto. It was there where he began to hone his own style and artistic aesthetic by observing Japanese traditional ukiyo-e, modern art, and street art. Returning to the states with bright eyes, jet lag, and a hefty dose of reverse culture shock, Jason started his own T-shirt line called Shadowplastic while teaching ESL. His big break came when he was asked to design cigarette packaging for a KOOL Cigarettes rebranding campaign♣ that he thought “Hey, I can really do something productive and creative with my spazziness.” Since then he has worked with companies like Heineken, ACE Hotel, Lil Missmatched creating imagery for everything from huge murals to designer socks for little girls.

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Oh yeah, you can buy this shirt and more at That’s where I sell my t-shirts and stuff.

♠: It was a really bad kung fu exploitation flick. I think all copies of it are buried UNDER the E.T. Atari game cartridges in New Mexico.

♣: Yes, I know, cigarettes are bad and no, I don’t smoke myself. The opportunity was amazing though and it helped increase my sneaker collection so there is that.