Graze Against the Machine

Recently I’ve found myself being overly introspective. I’ve been going through a period in my freelance career where I’m either getting low paid work that I feel really enthused about or medium-grade paid work that I could give a toss about. I found myself at a crossroads. I contemplated giving it all up and just getting a steady paycheck job where I could just be another cog in a larger machine. At least then I was sure to have steady maintenance and feel connected to something, regardless the size of my contribution. Then this happened: The video (from Thai Good Stories) popped up on my Facebook feed and I watched it. Normally I just scroll past videos posted on a friend-of-a-friend’s page thinking it’s another stupid cat video or a baby doing skateboard tricks in a ring of fire, but something compelled me to watch this. So I did. I watched it from beginning to end without pause. Something rare happened: out of nowhere, I began to cry. I couldn’t explain it, nor could I have imagined that a short video on Facebook could move me so much to cause my eyes to leak salt water. If this weren’t me we […]
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