Wilkinsburg Thursday Open Market

Upon relocating to Wilkinsburg, PA, a suburb just outside of Pittsburgh, I was approached by the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce to help rebrand and reinvigorate the local farmer’s market with new ideas and energy. This included coming up with a new look for the logo and branding, new marketing materials to promote the market, and creative ways to reach the public to show that the market has been updated. No longer just a farmer’s market, we transformed it into an open market, a place to purchase produce, arts and crafts, as well as attend creative workshops. As part of the new marketing, McKoy Creative tapped the talents of Dan Harris to help create street art installations that act as crosswalks for pedestrians. Together we all came up with the concept of a carrot and eggplant mosaic stencil.
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New York Peace Institute Youth Brochure

New York Peace Institute wanted something eye-catching and youthful for their youth brochure. NYPI  is responsible for mediation and restorative justice practices in NYC as an alternative to criminal prosecution and incarceration. They are a non-profit that sets out to do good work, much like me. . . Except I am for-profit. Still, I do good work.
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School House

School House was a boutique collegiate apparel brand with street-wear sensibilities. We were initially tasked with designing a logo for them. We went beyond that and pitched four full seasons of T-shirts, yoga pants, underwear, and accessories as well as designing their first website, print catalog, point-of-sales displays, window displays. . . Let’s just say that for the two years we worked for them, we brought the heat as well as the cool; the total package. Related Collateral
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