Knotting Factory Bow Ties

Knotting Factory is a McKoy Creative sub-project that designs and creates high quality, handmade bow ties and neckwear. Visit for more details and get yourself kitted with an official KF bow tie. Related Collateral
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Tribeca Stone

Tribeca Stone takes boring rooms and makes them extraordinary with their expertise in interior design and tile manufacturing. They wanted a simple, minimalist site to show off their catalog while focusing on their body of work that looks dope on both mobile devices and desktops. Lesson number one: always bet on black when you want that sophisticated, modern look.
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Smart Ass Kitchen

SmAK is a healthy eating, healthy living blog we produce without the snotty attitude that many others of it kind. We like food and like blogging (sort of) so we figured why not combine our loves into one site that covers everything from gluten-free soul food recipes to tasteful articles about maximizing your bowel movements. Related Collateral
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